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Issue 1: The health promotion of physical exercising and home gardening in this time of pandemic

Key Messages:

  1. It improves mental health, specifically one’s mood.

2. As you age, it’s important to keep your ability to think, learn, and make choices.

3. Reduces the risk of getting sick.

Final Message (27 words)

Exercising and gardening are beneficial to our mental and physical well-being. By uplifting our spirits and strengthening our minds, we can prevent getting sick and remain safe.

Issue 2: The debunking of disinformation or disinfodemic (misinformation, fake news) regarding the CoVid vaccine

Key Messages:

  1. CoVid vaccines will not make you sick with CoVid.

2. COVID-19 vaccinations train your immune system to recognize and combat the COVID-19 virus.

3. Vaccine-hesitant groups are spreading false information and conspiracy theories in an attempt to undermine trust in the COVID-19 vaccine.

Final Message (27 words)

Few people have been misinformed regarding the CoVid vaccine. The vaccine does not infect you with the virus. Instead, it strengthens your immune system to protect you.

Issue 3: The continued observance of the minimum health protocols NOT only to mitigate the risks of contracting CoVid, but also adapting it as a “way of life”

Key Messages:

  1. Avoiding crowded place.

2. Social distancing in close-contact settings.

3. Confined spaces should be refrained if there are a lot of people.

Final Message (27 words)

We experience a new normal that we must avoid the 3C’s. Close-contact, Crowds and confined spaces. Let’s consider where we go and ensure that you remain safe.


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